How to use bead caps to fits the bead size?


I want to purchase some bead caps, but I am not sure what size to get. I have 4-10mm beads. Is there a chart somewhere that says what size bead cap fits on various bead sizes?

This is a really good question to which there is no direct answer except, it depends. The size of the bead cap, depends upon a variety of variables and that is why there is probably no chart.

Variables: shape of the bead, depth of the bead cap, design of both the bead and the bead cap, overall design preference (i.e how do you want it to look?), functional design elements (i.e. helping the bead lay flat, covering a flaw etc), and probably a few more variables not readily apparent to me off the top of my head.

For example, one would think that, say for your 10 mm beads, one would need 10 mm diameter bead caps. Well, not exactly but, then, maybe yes. For the purpose of illustration, let us say that your 10 mm bead is perfectly round and your bead cap is 10 mm very shallow and somewhat of a slight dome. Might work somewhat like a disk, or spacer. On the other hand, let’s say your 10mm bead is heavily faceted and more odd shaped and let us say (for purposes of illustration) that the bead cap is perfectly round, has a clean concise edge, and is 5mm deep? Might not fit and you might want to go larger, but then, it might drown the bead itself or, because of the faceting and the odd shape, might just not work. Then, take the same heavily faceted 10 mm bead that is 20 mm long and your bead cap is basically 10 mm in diameter but is 10 mm deep and has leaf like projectiles along the border of the bead cap that are malleable and can be expanded or contracted? This would probably work. These are extreme examples, but I think you can see my point.

Sometimes I find that smaller metal bead caps look very nice on larger beads, especially if you wish to show off more of a particularly lovely bead. Bead caps that are too big hide attractive beads but sometimes it’s the bead cap one wishes to focus on.

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