What exactly is a wig and who use wig?


A wig refers to a head of hair processed and designed by skilled hair technicians so as to provide an artificial crowning glory for people. It may be made out of real human hair, horse hair, buffalo hair, wool, animal fur, feather, and/or other synthetic materials.

Who uses wigs?

Unlike other hair replacement options, wearing wigs is not only a choice for those people who are simply going bald because of old age, those who have pattern baldness (common for men), and people who are losing their hair because of medical treatments (ex. Chemotherapy). Rather, wigs have become a popular option for people who simply want to create a fashion statement or be in style.

As observed nowadays, wigs are often used by models for fashion shows: theater actors and actresses for their stage performances: and Hollywood stars for various pictorials, public appearances and movie performances. Indeed, wigs have become significant components of the fashion industry in most fashion-and-style oriented countries.

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