Instructions on how to use rhinestones


Trace the pendant onto the piece of paper. This will give you a life-size version of your jewelry to use as a pattern and guide. You can fill in the area of the tracing with rhinestones to experiment, and see what colors and shapes work best together. You can make a coherent pattern, such as a flower, or a more random design. Use the tweezers to place the rhinestones exactly. Craft tweezers are nearly identical to cosmetic tweezers, but they have slightly longer, pointier tips.
Squirt some glue on a piece of wax paper. Make a decent-size glob, but do not overdo it. You will be lightly dipping the backs of the rhinestones in the glue, so you will not be using very much.
Glue the rhinestones into place on the pendant. You can use the rhinestones on the pattern pendant as a guide. Pick up a rhinestone with the shiny, jeweled side facing up. Then, lightly touch the back to the glue before placing the rhinestone onto the acrylic pendant. Continue gluing until you have completely covered the pendant with rhinestones.
Fill in the gaps with the mini white rhinestone Unless you like the color and look of your acrylic background, you will probably want to fill in the gaps between the larger rhinestones. Use the tweezers to dip and place the mini white rhinestones in every open area. This will make your rhinestone jewelry really sparkle and gleam.
Let your pendant dry for 24 hours. This will give the glue time to set firmly before you wear your beautiful creation. Thread your pendant on a string or chain.
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