How to get wholesale beads


Search“Beads”or “wholesale beads”on the internet, there are thousands of bead stores online around the world, many of which will provides you wide range of china beads at wholesale price. Compare prices, quantities, quality, shipping methods and others on different stores to find the best one to deal with.
After finding a reliable beads wholesaler, then decide what you want to purchase first depending on your beading pattern. Store up your bead buying to a few times a year rather than buy a few strands of beads every month or so, which is another good way to save time and money.
One important thing is that find a reliable beads store-Zacoo, one of beading online store, will meet all your beading need. Large hole crystal European beads, dazzling miracle beads, shinning acrylic rhinestones, vivid resin flower cabochons… Zacoo can meet your beading supplies demand. No minimum order, and with worldwide free shipping, it will help you to save time and shipping cost if you have decided what you want to purchase at a time. In addition, it even can give you larger discount on its basic wholesale prices according to your accumulated consumption.
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Possibilities to consider when crafting with beads


The most popular bead craft hobby is that of jewelry. Everything from beaded earrings to necklaces and bracelets are widely available and are handmade by artisans around the world. Found at craft shows, in specialty stores and online, beaded jewelry designers are responsible for hand threading each bead until the desired look is completed. Jewelry beads are available in a variety of metals, including gold-tone, silver-tone, genuine gold and genuine silver. Products used to create beaded jewelry are typically found at most wholesalers that deal in jewelry findings.
If you have ever seen a beaded pocketbook, then you have already seen the workmanship that goes into this type of product. However, many do not realize this, but some pocketbooks are made completely of beads. Understandably so, these are very expensive due to the amount of time and work involved in addition to the cost of the beads themselves. However, they are quite possibly one of the most elegant purses that a woman can own.
Another popular bead craft hobby is that of creating handmade napkin rings. These rings are designed to hold a rolled napkin into place before dinner. With beaded napkin rings, many people choose to use them as decor, but they are actually quite functional and are more than capable of serving the purpose as they are intended.
Yet another popular wholesale beads craft is hair accessories. It's all about the added touches, right? When it comes to hair accessories, beadwork is everywhere. It is commonly found in hair pins and other hair embellishments that help to complete the perfect look.
After creating their latest designs, most bead craft artists make their work available at craft shows (either local or national), at online auctions, or through specialty craft stores. In some cases, their work is even sold nationally in retail stores. Bead craft artists are skilled professionals that opt to display their artwork in the form of beadwork rather than on canvas. But, make no mistake, an artist who works with beads is no less of an artist than anyone who uses a pencil or paintbrush.

Learn more about rhinestones


History of Rhinestones
Rhinestones were originally called Czechoslovakian and Bohemian glass beginning in the 13th century. The Czech glass eventually became known as rhinestones. By using different kinds of metals, these man-made gems were colored and made into highly refined glass. Rhinestones were also referred to as paste because some rhinestones were made of ground glass that was molded, melted and then formed into an opaque dense glass stone.
Use of Rhinestones
Rhinestones are used to enhance and accent clothing, accessories, art and decorations. They have also played a role in costume jewelry for hundreds of years. Rhinestones are often used on bridal gowns, prom gowns and special occasion dresses. They can be glued or sewn onto material.
Glass mixed with lead forms crystal. Pure glass does not contain lead. Glass will not reflect light and make scintillating colors like crystal can, because glass does not contain the lead element. Glass is a lighter material than crystal.
When lead oxide is added to glass, crystal is produced. The lead enhances the sparkle of the crystal and helps to reflect the colors better than pure glass. The higher the lead content, the better quality of the crystal. Glass must have at least a one percent lead content to be classified as crystal in the United States. In Europe, the lead content must be at least four percent to be classified as a crystal. Crystal rhinestones are more expensive than glass rhinestones.
Daniel Swarovski revolutionized the jewelry business in 1891 with his invention of a new glass cutting machine. The machine could cut facets into glass in a very short time. Swarovski is recognized as being the highest quality machine cut and polished crystal manufacturer in the industry. The height, width and slope are perfectly uniform for all Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals have a lead content of more than 30 percent. In 1982, Swarovski gifted Liberace with a clear, 51 pound, 115,000 carat rhinestone.
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