DIY jewelry-how to crimp


Cut the length of nylon coated beading wire that you need. Fold it over and add your clasp.
Slide a crimp bead or tube onto both wires, mountings and settings and press it tight against the clasp.
In the crimp pliers, place the bead in the first notch, the one closest to the handle and shaped like a crescent moon. Squash your bead by squeezing the handle. resin Eiffel tower pendants You will notice that the bead has been flattened with a dimple on one side.
Turn the crimping bead on its side so the dimple faces outward, raw brass filigree charms and place it in the second notch of the pliers, the one closest the tip and shaped like a flattened oval. This time fold your bead onto itself as you squeeze the handle.
Place the crimp bead into the flat portion of the tip to tighten it gently. digital collage sheets Don't squeeze too hard or you will break the bead.