Make your own bridal hair jewelry


Place your metal hair comb on a flat surface covered with a clean rag. The top bar of the hair comb should be 3 to 5 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches tall. Take the second clean rag, and dampen it with warm water and soap. Scrub the rag across the metal comb to remove general dirt and oil. Rinse the hair comb with warm water, and rub it dry with the third rag.
Place the metal hair comb flat on the clean rag, comb prongs pointing down. Place a dab of superglue on the flat back of a clear rhinestone. Secure the rhinestone to the top left corner of the comb. Continue adding clear rhinestones to create a straight, vertical line down the top bar of the hair comb.
Place a dab of superglue on the back of a pink rhinestone, and secure the gem next to the clear rhinestone. Continue adding pink rhinestones to create a straight, vertical line down the top bar of the hair comb. Keep the lines of clear and pink rhinestones close together.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as needed, interchanging clear and pink rhinestone lines across the top of the hair comb to create your bridal hair jewelry. Let dry.
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How to wear brooch to make yourself more fashion


Pin mode generally leads to the chest of the garment can be in the center or can be attached to a neck dress style side. It is also covered chest pocket has a random nature, as we have today like. Buying wholesale jewelry It's easy and cheap, you can buy online your favorite pin very cheap price
A small clip to use in different tissues or different styles of clothing to match, the aesthetic effect is different.
In the costumes of the other party a necklace with a pendant brooch, set of clothes can add to the dynamics of active solemn.
If the color of clothes is easier, you can take a few snaps can curlicue. Decorative stronger in the sense of dignity and colored shirt modesty. If Showa is a multicolored skirt or black trousers, and another pin black flower on a jacket can be no doubt snap skirt in black and black beautiful. Because echo each other, with the neck, side skirts and decorative black, formed at the point black, line, surface decorated with the general tone .
Ate forms are not as complex, decorative strong, a simple look can still play a good decoration effect. Such blue-violet dress, get a white collar is graceful. White diamond brooch type box, you can breathe great feeling blue purplea. Pure color, shape and simple, allows the joint is aesthetically very important. Halfway up the neck with casual wear, dresses pin abstract forms, full flavor of youth.
Pants, a girl romantic costume, use a type of pin sheets, is ingenious and clothing lovely. Winter, fabrics tend to be coarse and rough You can choose style metal clasp, encrusted treasure class or a large weight. Summer dress fabrics, mostly fine silks, as if the focus of the snap to use and easy to make clothes for big fall, affecting the appearance. Therefore, a pin of light is resin flower cabochons suitable for light summer clothing is worn.
Spring and fall clothing fabrics are rich in styles and colors splendor, we can use a wide range of clips. If the sweater or other garment is a fabric or flash collar, chest pocket, etc. You should be very careful to avoid the formation of china beads wholesale superfluous feeling when you wear a pin. If the pin simply passed to a jacket, will be able to demonstrate their decorative effect
Young students or young, will be very good to use a type of unique and interesting setting, not the pursuit of high quality materials of gold jewelry and silver. Because girls tend to dress tibetan style beads a young model, student-centered style jewelry mainly wholesale jewelry you will want a bit more mature and a little less pure. The use of high fabric or garment with buttons that caution is made of plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, as this clip does not match the fashion clothing.