Natural Thread and Synthetic Thread


As one of stringing materials, threads are used to string beads. They can be used to string beads into jewelry, accessary, and garment. When it comes to beading threads, there are usually two kinds of threads- natural and synthetic thread available. Each has its own specific qualities and features and best for different projects.

Silk, Linen, Cotton, Leather thongs, Hemp are amongst the most common and popular of natural threads. Silk and Linen threads are certainly not as strong as synthetic threads but they remain popular and have specific purposes for which they are traditionally and admirably suitable. These natural beading threads are available in different colors and sizes.

Nylon, polyester, bonded nylon threads are all synthetic beading threads. Synthetic threads are the modern way of bead stringing as they do not fray nor stretch as much. Polyester thread is usually used for beadwork that requires a needle. Give yourself plenty of extra thread if you intend to weave or knot with these threads.

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Where to find your beading inspiration


Start by checking out other people’s work. This will help plant creative ideas in your head for your designs, and this can get you help you get started understanding what jewelry supplies are used in jewelry.
Hit the department stores, and check out what pieces are being sold by the major designers and labels. Take a look at their craftsmanship and see what materials are used for mass production.
Look at boutiques. In boutique shops, you may find mass-produced pieces, but can also find unique pieces that the store may only carry one or two of.
Go to your local art council’s shop. This is where you can find the most unique pieces because the craftsmen make one-of-a-kind designs.
Find inspiration for fashion shows and print magazines. This will help you stimulate your inspirations, as there are always tell you what fashion trend is nowadays. In fact, not only jewelry designers like this, fashion peoples also reading this magazines to keep the pace of fashion. Personally I prefer Bead&Button and BeadStyle magazines:)
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Where to get ideas for art and craft


Christmas is near and near, and now, are you looking for a great way to spend quality time celebrating with family and friends? If so, then creating arts and crafts with china beads for this special occasion may be the great thing to choice. Maybe you are already a designer before, maybe you are a beginner, no matter which one, some good ideas are essential in this process. For today's DIY jewelry blog, I will focus on where to find new ideas for your creation.
The best place to get ideas for special occasion and holiday arts and crafts are arts & crafts shows. Arts & crafts shows can be found in cities and towns around your house. Strolling through these quaint shows can provide plenty of ideas for crafts and art for holidays and special occasions, and if you talk to the artisans themselves, you might pick up some pointers and techniques. In the summer and fall, festivals will still include interesting seasonal crafts, and can provide great ideas for your own creativity.
If you can't make it out to an arts & crafts fair, just retreat to the Internet and browse around the huge collections of holiday arts and craft designs. Or get out of the house and browse your local craft and hobby store. If you are really stuck, even looking at raw materials-supplies may trigger craft ideas.
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How to Choose Lampwork Beads and How Lampwork Beads are Made


As usual with handcrafted items, the quality is equal to the expertise of its maker. Choose beaded jewelry in a style you like, but remember that style isn't the only thing to consider when buying handcrafted glass beads.
Air bubbles shouldn't be visible in the bead. Although some bead makers use these as design elements, but they are normally round or positioned in specific areas. The bead hole should be free of nicks or burrs. Jagged edges around the hole produce a wobbly bead that can eventually cut through beading wire. Check the shape, but as they're handcrafted expect some variations - that's part of their charm.
Lampworkers use a torch to melt the tip of glass rods, and then wind the molten glass around a narrow stainless steel rod called a mandel. Later, when the bead is removed, the space occupied by the mandrel becomes the hole used to string the bead.
Taking a bead out of the flame into the open air makes the outside of the bead cool faster than inside. This can cause a bead to crack. To prevent cracks, beads are soaked in a kiln to ensure all the glass is the same temperature, before gradually cooling.
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Learn More about Resin Beads


These are really popular and inexpensive jewelry making beads. Although plastic beads are usually cheaper, resin beads can offer the same weight. Resin beads can be made to look like just about any other bead type out there. (Glass, plastic, metal, etc...)
These beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Since they can imitate any other bead, the possibilities are just about endless. The only downfall to this type of bead is that sometimes they can look fake or cheap. These beads are usually machine made, but resin beads can also be hand made. A little time invested in choosing your wholesale beads, and you will easily find resin beads that are perfect for your project.
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What is birthstone jewelry?


Millions of people around the world wear birthstones. It has been a matter of debate all across the globe and these stones are scientifically proven to possess mystical powers. Therefore there are several birthstones available, based on the month of the year, the zodiac, the color and the mystical properties.
Quite a few of the birthstones are very popular choices when it comes to jewelry. People have started exploring the colors of these striking stones and they also make the perfect gifts. Birthstone jewelry could also be personalized and attuned in accordance to the wearer. There are a lot of styles available with the birthstone jewelry.
Since times eternal, it has been proven that these stones are known to possess some mystical properties. The minerals contained in the stone are responsible for creating a positive force for the individual. You can wear these birthstones in all forms of jewelry such as amulets, pendants, chains and rings. These would match any style or outfit.
Based on your astrological nuances, you can choose the stone that would bring out the best forces in your life. People not only restrict the use of these stones to enhance luck, but they also use it to bring prosperity and ward the evil away. From emeralds to diamonds, birthstone beads tend to be highly popular in the modern society. From celebrities to politicians, people are exploring the magical attributes of these birthstones.

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Cameo Defined


It's not difficult to find cameo earring, cameo brooch, cameo pendants, cameo charms … in jewelry beads stores and handcraft shops. This kind of jewelry also fashion girls common jewelry items in her jewelry box. A cameo is a small scene of nature, or figure which has been carved in relief. The word cameo specifically describes a relief image which is raised higher than its background and which has been carved from only one material. Cameos can be made in any material, even plastic, but the most popular ones are those made from stone, coral, shell, glass, resin and fine metals. Sometimes cameos are carved from hard stone, but more often they are made from substitutes such as conch shells, and pieces of Wedgwood porcelain china.
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