How bail works in beading?


Bail is the term that is used when a tangible asset is pledged to or deposited with a court in order to allow the temporary release of an individual. As to the jewelry bails used in handmade jewelry, bails are the jewelry findings hold your pendants in place and attach them to your necklace.
They have all sorts of different bail styles. You can find them with obvious or hidden loops, hinges so they can open and allow you to change out your pendants without dismantling the entire jewelry piece, with bead holders to create a bead pendant, or as blanks with flat places to glue something to.
Some pendants come with a bail built in (a way to hook the pendant to the wire, like a loop or hook, etc…), but sometimes you can’t find exactly what you want. Bails help you create your own unique pendants, and give you a way to attach them to the rest of your project.
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Teach you use resin cabochons


There are so many beautiful cabochons from online stores, they are in various shapes, colors and in different materials. Resin flower cabochons are usually flat back, and they are mostly used for cabochon settings, such as rings, they are mostly used for rings, necklace.


With flat back, so you can glue in the resin cabochons on the cabochon settings. So It is very easy to make the cabochons flower onto the rings. But for some necklace, there much be much difficult, how do I attach a flower or other cabochon to a necklace?

You should have some kind of pin or bail on the backside of the resin cabochons if the cabochons have no cabochon settings. The picture shows below are like this type.
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Stimulated your inspiration with European beads


I am always appeared by the beautiful handmade jewelry designs that jewelry artists are making using the variety of beads. It has been really cool to see their charming beadwork. Handmade jewelry has been popular gifts to give for years now, since they are so easy to make and to personalize. Mother’s day is around the corner, why not beaded a unique jewelry for your mom as a gift. Today I will give you new handmade inspiration, which comes from the Thomas style charms and the European beads.
A new beaded jewelry trend has popped up recently that features Thomas style charms. You can use these shinning Thomas style bead charms to make a stunning charm bracelet. It’s very simple, it also don’s need many jewelry supplies. If you are interested in European beads you can also add some European beads as spacers to charms bracelet. This trend is perfect for adults and children because it can be interpreted in a classic and elegant way. Wish you make the most meaningful Mother's day gift. Find more inspiration at my DIY jewelry blog.

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Jewelry chains are an essential jewelry component


What is jewelry chain? Jewelry chains are wonderful component for making jewelry. Decorative gems and pendants are attached to add to its beauty. When it comes to handmade beaded jewelry making, there is more to jewelry chains than just hanging pendants off them. Jewelry chains can also be used as an integral part of the jewelry making itself? If you want to use jewelry chains as an essential jewelry component, you should first check out the types of jewelry chains.
These Chains are top quality with cheapest price. They are perfectly designed for jewelry making. These jewelry chains and wholesale beads are best seller in our store and loved by all our customs. A jewelry chain and a pendant or jewelry charm can make a very beautiful necklace, you can use Tibetan style charms, as Antique Brass color Tibetan Style Charms is beautiful.
Do you want to make such an easy jewelry by yourself? Lampwork beads are a great option for jewelry making. Jewelry lovers can also making jewelry with other glass beads, Tibetan style beads, and European beads to make a jewelry gift to your loved one. Interested in beaded jewelry making you can visit my jewelry making blog for some guides, such as: “how bails are used in beaded jewelry” or learn something about jewelry findings: “What fit a bead like a hat? Bead caps” and so much more.
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Crimps are one jewelry finding


There is a component which is unseen in your jewelry, but are important jewelry components in the process of jewelry making. They are jewelry crimps. Quality crimps play an important part in jewelry design, but many designers minimize the roles these components play in favor of the more visible components. Just as head pins and eye pins, using head pins and eye pins in jewelry making, crimps are also important part in jewelry design.
What is a jewelry finding? In jewelry terms, a “finding” is a component of jewelry less than a finished piece. And what is a jewelry crimp? A jewelry crimp is jewelry findings pinched or pressed together with the purpose of holding findings onto a jewelry piece or fixing beads in place. Jewelry making findings involved these crimps, bails, clasps, links and others, bails are used in beaded jewelry.
Crimp tubes, crimp beads, crimp-on eyes and crimp-on hooks are four forms of jewelry crimps commonly used. Webeads is a DIY jewelry blog, which focus on the knowledge of jewelry supplies, and all kind of jewelry beads, and some making ideas of handmade jewelry, if you are a jewelry lover and a creative person, it will help you much.
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Brief jewelry making information


Although anyone who has made handmade jewelry knows what exactly is “jewelry findings”, however, I want to repeat it again. Jewelry findings are beading components that allow you to add the finishing touch to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Findings are available in many finishes, such as metal, gold, silver and pewter… and one can easily find them on jewelry items, such as bracelet and necklace, earring…
Today, I will mainly talk about clasps. The most popular findings are crimp beads, jump rings and jewelry clasps. Clasps are involved in, which are the closures you use to finish off your pieces. Like beads, clasps are available in numerous shapes and sizes, and allow you to open and close an anklet, bracelet or necklace.
Crimp beads are tiny cylinders that are squeezed together to hold beading wire in place. What fit a bead like a hat? Bead caps. Jump rings are small circles of wire that the clasp connects to… you may be interesting in other jewelry findings, aren’t you? Our DIY jewelry blog maybe helpful to you, join us now quickly.
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Digital Collage Sheets:Vintage Angel, Bird, Rabbit and Beautiful Lady


Little Girl Digital Collage Sheets, Vintage Angel, Bird, Rabbit and Beautiful Lady, 30x22mm each image.
This listing includes beautiful lady, little girl, lovely rabbit and small bird. And this digital collage sheets will be sent to you through emails as a JPG format. If you would like another file type, please let me know which file format you would like.
Brandon reviewed this digital collage sheet: "Beautiful images and gorgeous colors. Thank you. (Posted on 8/31/11)"
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