My new design-leather cord earring


Leather cords are used in garment sector to clothing items and handicraft segment such as necklaces, bracelets and belts. You can make a round leather cord necklace by easily attaching a pendent, gemstone beads or charms to get a low key but classic look, or you can make a sophisticated knotting pattern bracelet by using a flat leather cord. Well, have you ever tried to make earrings by using round leather cord?
I got my inspiration ideas of making leather earrings by simple tools and materials.
Have a look at my designs~~~

All the materials are round leather cord, silver plated copper wire, head pins and the china beads you want to decorated with.

Do you want to some guides on china beads jewelry making?


Design something you like, and develop your own style and touch. If you don't know what your style is, get a sketchbook and draw some designs you have seen and liked. Now you can alter these designs and make them your own. You don't need to be an artist to do this. Every time I see an interesting design I draw it in my sketchbook thereby expanding my collection of ideas. I promise you my drawings are not always that of an artist!
You can use different types, textures and sizes of china beads in one design, like crystal beads, gemstones, wood beads, metal beads… combined in one piece will make an interesting design. Use china beads you love and the design process will flow automatically.
Choose color combinations to create harmony and unity in your design. All the elements in the design must be in harmony and they must compliment each other.
Consider the weight of your china beads when constructing your design, because you have to select the right type of stringing material for the weight of your beads.
Use your jewelry findings creatively. Spacer beads, bead caps, connectors, jump rings, resin cabochons etc. can just be the magic ingredient you need to add a touch of class.
All the jewelry making components must be in proportion. Beads and wholesale jewelry findings are available in a variety of sizes. Make sure you select corresponding sizes.
There must be an element of balance in your design. That doesn't mean you can’t create something asymmetrical. When you look at a design it either feels good on the eye or it doesn’t.
Keep your design functional, you must be able to wear it! And never underestimate your own creativity.

How many kinds of natural material beads do you know?


Natural materials beads are the china beads which are made by wood, shell, bone, horn, and seed. They are famous for its "earthy" look.
Wood beads - wood beads are among the oldest bead types, and have been used by cultures around the world. Wood beads are often round in shape, but other common styles include oval, barrels, tubes, cubes and other geometric shapes, as well as carved animals, flowers and other motifs. Wood beads can also be matte or glazed, and smooth or carved.
Shell beads – shells have been used as beads throughout history. They can be used in their natural form, or may be dyed. Abalone is one popular type of shell bead.
Seed and nut beads – not to be confused with glass seed beads, these beads come in a wide variety of types.
Bone and horn beads – these beads may not be favorable to animal lovers, although some horn beads are produced from naturally-shed parts such as antlers.

Cabochons available for use in jewelry designs


Cabochons are well suited for bead jewelry because these pretty resin cabochons are very easy to fit in jewelry designs. Most of my flower cabochons are made by resin, of course, there are also acrylic cabochons and glass cabochons at my china beads online store.


Making beaded jewelry with the use of cabochons is a great idea. Beaded jewelry out of cabochons can give you a unique edge when accessorizing your outfits for an important event. Beaded cabochon jewelry provides an elegant accent and gives the beadwork a beautiful finished look. Adding a cabochon is a great way to add a subtle color or pattern to your jewelry. Depending on the style and trend of beadwork, resin cabochons can give you a vintage look or can make you appear stylish and modern.

Attach a bail-type two


Step 1

Choose a pinch bail and crystal beads.

Step 2

Grasp the pinch bail on either side of the opening with two pairs of chain nose pliers.

Step 3

Insert both notches of the bail into the hole of the top drilled crystal pendants. Grip both sides of the bail with your chain nose pliers. Gently squeeze both sides of the bails

Step 4

The bail should be tight enough that the beads does not slip out and the beads still wiggles slightly.

Keep your crystal beads as clean as new


Among so many more china beads types, crystal beads are the most shinning and lighting beads type, however crystal beads also can become dirty as you wear it by days. So it is important to keep crystal beads looking their best with regular and gentle cleaning methods.

Fill the small bowl three-quarters full with warm water and add two to three squirts of dishwashing soap to the water. Swirl the water with your hands to make the water soapy.

Moisten the dishcloth with the soapy water and apply the wet cloth to the crystal beads to clean them. Pay special attention to any areas of the beads with dirt or staining. Continue wiping the crystal beads gently with the soapy cloth until you clean them completely.

Rinse the beads with warm water to remove any soap residue.

Lay out the hand towel and place the beads onto the hand towel. Blot the beads gently with the towel to dry them. Leave the beads on the towel to air dry until they dry completely.

Bead types at ZACOO


ZACOO is an online beads store, and beads take a great part in this whole family. Online shopping beads at here is the wise choose, as in there you can find a large collection of beads like Tibetan silver beads, European beads, cheap acrylic beads, shinning crystal beads, glass beads, handmade porcelain beads and lampwork beads, wood beads, seed beads and so many others. Today, I will give you some types of beads which are welcomed by my customers.

Tibetan silver beads as the feature of giving people a feeling of exotic are popular among so many beads. If you like the old nursery rhymes and exotic ambience, Tibetan silver beads are the best choice.

Pandora style beads, sometimes also named as European beads are always among the top popular beads, as they are given so many designs that there at least have one suit you best, this is also the reason why Pandora style jewelry is the most common jewelry in ladies jewelry box.

Wood beads and acrylic beads are featured by the cheap price, as a beading beginner, you can choose these beads to practice your beading technology. What's more, as the light weight, they are the best beads for kids craft making. At the same time, you can also purchase some to beading with your kids, I think you cure kids will love it very much.

Featured with lobster clasp and with lots of shapes, sizes, our Thomas Sabo style clip on charms will add accents to your bracelets, necklaces and key chains. Moreover, they will bring you great fun and completely express your styles.

World of Chains-To Select the Best Chain styles for Your Jewelry


A piece of resin flower cabochons necklace, or a piece of large hole European beads bracelet, you will need jewelry chains. Jewelry chains are basic elements and versatile pieces for china beads jewelry making as they can be worn alone, with several other chains or with charms or pedants. To become part of the beading world, you have to have an overall view with jewelry chains including what each terminology means and which ones you think would work best for your design. This brief guide discusses some of the more popular styles of chains. Even if you are a beginner in this field, you won't feel overwhelmed by the chain world any more.

Ball chain is a family of chain characterized by small round balls, which form a continuous strand of beaded chain. The balls can range in diameter from 1.5 millimeters to 6 millimeters or more. Elongated spaces are sometimes added, as well as bar-shaped beads to offer a more glamorous appearance. They are available in single and multi-row formats.

Box chain is made of 6-sided boxes shaped links and creates a smooth appearance. It is a strong and sturdy chain that holds pendants and heavier charms well. Box link sizes range from a very tiny 0.75 millimeters to over 3 millimeters.

Curb chain maybe a popular piece for men for the heavier and larger links. It is a simple design of flat, interlocking, similar links. However, smaller and more feminine styles are now available too.

Cable chain owes its name to the heavy and industrial type of cable chain typically used by ships to cast their anchors. It is comprised of oval interlocking links with alternating links turned 180°. The cable chain comes in a range of widths from very small 1-millimeter link sizes to over 7-millimeters. It's also the most common chain used in jewelry beading.

Rollo Chain features round or oval links with symmetrical sizes, though these are usually bulkier to hold pendants and dangles.

Figaroa chain features three smaller oval links connected one after another followed by a larger oval cable link and has a repeating pattern. Still a very popular design with men, this type now comes in a variety of link sizes appropriate for women, and even children. Sizes range from a dainty 1.5-millimeter link size to a whopping 15-millimeters.

Herringbone chain is perhaps one of the most beautiful and popular chain styles. This chain is comprised of highly polished flat links connected in a herringbone pattern. No charms or pendants should be hung from this style of chain. Widths range from delicate 1.5-millimeters to hearty 11.5-millimeters and larger.

Marina chain has interlocking oval links whose width is bisected by a bar.

Rope chain is made of twisted oval links and spiral to create the appearance of woven and braided fibers. Rope chains come in a variety of diameters from 1.5 millimeter to a hearty 8 millimeters and beyond. Known for its strength, integrity, classic pattern, and simplicity, the rope family of chains is very popular. The finer weight chains can accommodate a small pendant or charm, but larger decorative pieces should be placed on those with a heartier weight.