You can make earrings with cabochons like this


Every woman likes jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and so on.  With these lovely resin flower cabochons, you can make your own jewelry all by yourself.  I think this is the best way to show your art and design talent.  You may ask , where can I get these beautiful cabochons. There are tens of thousands of china beads wholesalers, and they can offer you a wide range of selection.

It’s very easy!  JUST DO IT!


The popular jewelry making supplies-cabochons, resin cabochons



Cabochons are most popular for unique beaded jewelry making, especially resin cabochons. They are given by a wide range of colors, shapes, forms and sizes. You can easily get these cute cabochons, they are sold online and offline. If you are a regular jewelry maker, wholesale cabochons from jewelry making supplies online stores can help you to get a large quantity with different cabochons from different materials and styles.

Summer is around you. Cabochons are used to make cabochon jewelry, which is quite unique from other precious jewelry pieces. The resin flower cabochons are very suitable for this season, why, as the summer is a season which is full of all kind of beautiful flowers. Especially resin cabochons, as the especially material-resin, they are given plenty of shapes and sizes, as the rainbow after the ring. If you like vintage style, the vintage style cameo can make your beading jewelry items more charming and elegant. The summer is for jewelry show, show your beauty jewelry items, what are you waiting for? Why not add these flower cabochons to your beading designs.

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China beads are cheap but quality


China beads are famous for its beads styles and cheap prices. Some people may worry about the quality of cheap china beads from online wholesale stores. In fact, it is unnecessary to worry. Cheap price are not equal to low quality. Usually, online stores provide free return policy. If you find the items you received are not as same as you required or have some defects, you can return and change them.

As so many china beads out there, we should not miss ourselves when choosing the right beads, remember Tibetan silver beads are famous for Tibetan jewelry making, wood beads and gemstone beads are widely used to make nature style jewelry pieces, European beads are used to create Pandora style jewelry, chip on charms famous for Thomas Sabo style jewelry, resin flower cabochons are the best choose for summer jewelry items, while the plastic acrylic beads are the child's favorite china beads type.

Three steps teach you how to care for glass beads


Glass beads maybe the common used jewelry beads in jewelry making business, as the cheap price and variety shapes and style of glass beads. Like any kind of jewelry beads, glass beads also need you care, in fact, some beads wholesaler will teach you how to care for glass beads after your glass beads wholesale, especially china beads wholesaler in the internet. Caring for glass beads is not difficult. In fact, with common household materials, you can make your glass beads shine like new. Let's start.

(1)Fill a small container with hot water and a small amount of soap, and gently place the glass beads inside. Allow time for any grime on the beads to loosen, then remove the beads from water and gently remove any dirt with a soft cloth.

(2)If that doesn't work, move on to standard glass cleaner. Just as you would with a window or a screen door, spritz a small amount of glass cleaner on the bead, and gently polish the bead with a soft cloth.

(3)You can also use alcohol to clean glass beads. Simply soak the glass bead in pure rubbing alcohol, and dry it off.

Jewelry Fashion Trends


When seasons change so does jewelry fashion. It's that time of the year again and there are many exciting jewelry fashion trends projected for this summer.

This year's "going green" theme has inevitably immersed in jewelry inspiration. To buy the environment-friendly and recycled material is becoming lots of hand-made artist's first choice. Materials used to make green jewelry fashions are bamboo, porcelain beads,recycled gemstones beads and green color crystal beads. These pieces are usually fashioned to show some part of nature or made using rich earth tones.

The natural, earthy look seems to be very big for this summer. Wood beads are great and can add different glamor when matches with other beads. They hold up well in water and allow for many different'look', options. Sea-shell beads can also express the natural elements and will be widely used in this summer's earrings, bracelet and necklet.

Vintage pieces has been a really hot jewelry fashion ever since. Vintage jewelry recalls another decade. The pieces are timeless and usually ornate. It has all the style and grace of one of the great screen actresses of that time. Both tibetan silver style beads or tibitan style brass beads and resin flowers cabochons or resin cameos of a vast style and variety can be your best choice if you want to make a hot vintage piece for this summer.

Romance is also one of the top popular jewelry fashions this summer. Romantic pieces include things with hearts, diamonds, pearls, gold, flowers or special pieces with love words engraved.

This summer is all about romance, being friendly to the earth and vintage looks. Jewelry fashion changes just as fast as other fashions but these pieces are sure to last a lifetime. They are amazing, timeless pieces that wearers will see make comebacks season after season. You can get all these jewelry making supplies at my site, and find your beading inspirations at my DIY jewelry blog.