What is a spacer bead?


As a creative hobby, jewelry making with beads is becoming an art. To some extent, beaded jwelry is not only a kind of craft of attaching beads to one another. Beaded jewelry are not only women, men also take interested in beading. We all know that china beads are a must for beaded jewelry making, in addition to acrylic beads, metal beads, Tibetan style beads, and other jewelry beads, there is one kind of beads are also important components of beaded jewelry making, do you know which kind of beads? Of course, they are spacer beads.

Spacers can be in different materials such as polymer, metal, crystals, metal, plastic, Tibetan silver, and even silver and gold, and these jewelry beads come in many designs and shapes depending on style and color that you are going to use. it is spacer beads. Any small jewelry beads can be used for spacer beads; it serves a purpose why it's there.
Spacer beads are used to make the jewelry piece intact, and more and more people wholesale beads to add to their jewelry, as jewelry making needs spacer beads to enhance and strengthen a piece of jewelry, just as the can not be ignored materials in beading design: jewelry findings.

How to wholesale beads for jewelry design


Whether in normal circumstance, or on special days such as weddings, anniversary…, we all can find the fashion women, charming ladies wear beaded jewelry, beaded earring, necklace, bracelet, what ever the jewelry form is. Beaded jewelry will always grab the attention of everyone. Wholesale beads for handmade jewelry would be more low-budget that everyone can afford. So today we will talk about how to wholesale china beads for jewelry design.

There are also various sizes to choose from, you can mix the sizes and arrange them in different styles to suit you; If you want to mix shapes, you have various choices including oval, round, heart, butterfly and so many others.

You can also buy a mix of different beads readily available with the suppliers, such as acrylic beads, shining crystal beads, fashion Tibetan style beads, and Pandora style beads, charms and pendants are also welcomed by jewelry designers.

Remember, always choose high quality beads, In short, you can choose your beads based on size, color, shape and cost. Variety of colors, shapes, forms of beads are available making stunning handmade jewelry, there always your taste of beads.

Clasps and bead caps are all jewelry findings


ewelry making is a fun and creative pursuit. A common term you hear when you first start making jewelry on your own is findings. So what are jewelry findings? Jewelry findings are important for jewelry making. When you make your beading projects, you need all those little extras and pieces used to connect your great china beads and wire or thread together, along with the usual china jewelry findings like crimps, bead tips, pinch bails, pins, jumping, earring settings and clasps. today we will mainly talk about clasps and bead caps.

Jewelry clasps are used for securely connecting two ends of a necklace, bracelet or other piece of jewelry. For example, Toggle clasps are available in numerous sizes and designs, they are widely used to secure bracelets, anklets, even necklaces; Box clasps are easy to use in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some can be decorative.

Bead caps are essential and useful findings in jewelry making. What are bead caps? jewelry caps are bowl shaped china jewelry findings. They can be used for making necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and usually be used in pairs at two ends of beads to add texture and design to jewelry pieces. Beads caps come in a various metal colors, such as gold, silver, copper, pewter, bronze, black, antique bronze, antique gold, antique silver, platinum and so on. They also can be made of different materials, for instance, iron, copper, alloy, alloy add enamel and so on. Apart from that, it also can be made in different shapes, most of them look like flowers, but designers can also find and/or make solid bowl-shaped caps, star shapes and even some other unique shapes.