Pandora style beads Can Help You Create The Perfect Gift


Jewelry making is one of the most popular favourite pass time. You can make necklaces with different beads,such as Acrylic Beads, Gemstone beads, Glass Beads, Lampwork Beads, Metal Beads, Pandora Style Beads, Tibetan Style Beads . It is very easy to make a beaded necklace and it is very appealing to the eyes. You could try to sell the necklace you just made to one of your neighbors. You could give it to one of your friends as a birthday present. You could keep it for yourself and wear it. You could give it to your mother for Mother's Day. This perfect gift that will be treasured for a lifetime, Pandora style beads which is recognized for its elegant and classic style. Pandora style beads can help you built it. These beautiful and intricate charm beads bracelets can be a perfect gift no matter the occasion. No matter what you do with the necklace you can still be proud that you made it from scratch. Find an online wholesale beads store,and With just a few other simple materials, you can make your very own necklace. All you need are a few basic skills.
Things You Will Require
Jewelry wire.
Beaded design board.
Beading Needle.
Beading Threads.
Craft glue.
Flat-nose pliers.
Steps for Making the Pandora style beads Necklace
Follow these steps to prepare a beautiful beaded necklace:
1.First, purchase a nice jewelry wire. Measure the length required to make a necklace for your neck. Make sure that you purchase a few extra inches than required.
2.Choose beads of your choice. Also purchase spacer beads which are used to fill up the gap between the bigger beads. Apart from these, you will also require a two bead tips and a clasp. These are used to firmly secure the two ends of the necklace, to which the clasps are attached.
3.Lay all your beads on a towel placed on a flat surface. The towel will keep the beads from rolling waywardly. Now, decide on the kind of design you want and which order you want to strung the beads.
4.At one end of the bead thread, make a tiny knot. Use the scissors to trim the edge of the knotted wire. The thread knot has to at the jewelry wires end. However, if the knot is at the very end, there is a probability of unknotting.
5.Now, through the open end of your jewelry thread, push in a bead through its hole. Pull the bead thread all the way to make sure that the knot rests firmly against the bead hole.
6.Just to make it firm, put on a little craft glue over the knot so that it will not unknot.
7.String all the beads and thread this on the other end. This will ensure that all the beads will not come out.
8.At the thread end, tie a very loose knot and with the help of a straight, long pin gently push this loose knot down right into the open end of bead tip. Make sure that the knot is placed securely against the beads hole. Trim the threads excess.
9.Put a clasp piece at one of the bead tip hooks. This will ensure that both the loops at the thread ends are joined together. With the help of pliers, close one ring right over the other. Attach another clasp at the other end of the bead tip by following the same procedure.

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Some information about Metal Bead


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Metalized beads consist of a milky white plastic core and metallic coating. They are very affordable and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Metalized beads can lend to a desired "chunky" look without adding a lot of weight. The metallic coating tends to chip off with frequent wear, but they are great for costume jewelry that is not intended for everyday use or for children's projects. Metalized beads that have been antiqued with a varnish stain tend to hold up better than those that have not, as the varnish forms a protective shell over the metallic coating. The best way for maintain acrylic beads jewelry is to wear silver or metal jewelry every day, because fat causes the body's natural luster of silver sent warm (of course, some exceptions, some of the body itself contains the ingredients to make silver black). Usually put then in the box when you do not wear it, preferably installed with a sealed bag to prevent air contact with the silver surface black or oxide.

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