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What is the symbol of ruby? Tell you the story for ruby


Rudy is famous for its hot color and precious meaning and legend of it. Many jewelry makers would like to make ruby inlayed with silver or gold to show its beauty. Then let's talk about the symbolic meaning and legend of ruby.

First, the symbolic meaning of the English name Ruby, Ruby in the Bible is the most precious of all gemstone beads. Ruby is in red, very hot color, and it allows people to passion, related to love, known as the "love stone", and a symbol of passion for beautiful, eternal and unchangeable. Ruby is the birth stone for July. Different color of rubies from different countries, but also means a good luck. Red will always be the angel of beauty, rubies jewelry beads wish to send to others the best guide. Ruby red among the most valuable is the color most concentrated, is called "pigeon blood red" gems. This almost could be called crimson bright, strong colors and more to reveal the true face of Ruby's glance. Unfortunately, most of the ruby color is pale red, pink and feeling, so with pigeon blood ruby hue is all the more valuable. Because Ruby was filled with a strong anger and rich and gaudy colors, the old people think it is the embodiment of the phoenix, it generates a lively fantasy. Legend left chest wearing a ruby ring or brooch worn a ruby will have the magic of turning hostility into friendship.

ruby,gemstone beads

Second, the legend of ruby in the Bible Relics, said: "Wisdom is worth more than rubies." It is obvious that Ruby is very expensive. Moses's Brother Aaron the holy garments worn by the fourth on the diamonds is the ruby. Jewish gem engraved with the names of their ancestors. Since the ancient Jews announced the establishment of the State of Israel has, these precious stones like amethyst beads have been the most precious treasure the crown. The Bible says, ruby symbol of the Jewish tribes. In the Old Testament "Exodus", in relation to detailed Xiao Yu obey the Lord, the robe and the badge system. A total of four square badges three rows, representing 12 tribes of the 12 stones, the first is the ruby, showing the importance of its position.

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Beautiful beaded jewelry with different jewelry beads


Beaded jewelry accessories using different wholesale beads will have different effects, such as the use of wire to beads, to create different textures beads jewelry. You can also simply use different sizes relative jewelry beads add to thread with a metal wire, the more complex shapes jewelry beads needed to build the different coils, and its shape can be divided into empty-handed use of tool changes shape and form. By torsion, spiral, and wrapping techniques to complete the work in series jewelry beads, which are all personalized performance. You can also be silver with beads and pearls, fresh noble, not rigidly adhere to stereotypes. Of course, you can also whim or arbitrary creative, work in beads color on top of twelve feathers, adding to the Indian style, or the string of beads at the same time, add some texture of small shells , set off a small pendant, transparent crystal beads make even more tender and beautiful eye-catching. ?Jewelry Beads material: steel wire, copper wire, 0.3mm, 0.4mm fishing line, leather cord, 2mm small beads, collar (necklace), hand ring (bracelet used), ring (rings only), Button (with clamp), 9-shaped pin, block beads, frosted beads, multicolored pearls, abacus diamond crystal, multicolored pearls, multicolored pearls, tube beads, crystal and other water droplets. Jewelry supplies: beads collection boxes, bead needle, tweezers, scissors, needle nose pliers and so on. Beaded accessories: necklaces head, bracelet clasp, blocked beads, necklace clasp, and other fall decorations.

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