How many kinds of natural material beads do you know?


Natural materials beads are the china beads which are made by wood, shell, bone, horn, and seed. They are famous for its "earthy" look.
Wood beads - wood beads are among the oldest bead types, and have been used by cultures around the world. Wood beads are often round in shape, but other common styles include oval, barrels, tubes, cubes and other geometric shapes, as well as carved animals, flowers and other motifs. Wood beads can also be matte or glazed, and smooth or carved.
Shell beads – shells have been used as beads throughout history. They can be used in their natural form, or may be dyed. Abalone is one popular type of shell bead.
Seed and nut beads – not to be confused with glass seed beads, these beads come in a wide variety of types.
Bone and horn beads – these beads may not be favorable to animal lovers, although some horn beads are produced from naturally-shed parts such as antlers.

Keep your crystal beads as clean as new


Among so many more china beads types, crystal beads are the most shinning and lighting beads type, however crystal beads also can become dirty as you wear it by days. So it is important to keep crystal beads looking their best with regular and gentle cleaning methods.

Fill the small bowl three-quarters full with warm water and add two to three squirts of dishwashing soap to the water. Swirl the water with your hands to make the water soapy.

Moisten the dishcloth with the soapy water and apply the wet cloth to the crystal beads to clean them. Pay special attention to any areas of the beads with dirt or staining. Continue wiping the crystal beads gently with the soapy cloth until you clean them completely.

Rinse the beads with warm water to remove any soap residue.

Lay out the hand towel and place the beads onto the hand towel. Blot the beads gently with the towel to dry them. Leave the beads on the towel to air dry until they dry completely.

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