Crystal beads history


While beads have been present in one form or another throughout history, glass and crystal beads did not become a manufacturable product until the 1200s, when glass factories started producing household items along with a small number of beads. Small factories were creating glass beads, but the turning point came in the 1500s when the glass industry became the leading industry in Stanovsko, Jablonec and Bedrichov, all major cities in the region of today's Czech Republic. Beads became fashionable and jewelry makers demanded product to fill the desires of the public.
When considering the history of crystal beads, mention must be made of the creation of leaded glass or crystal itself. While history doesn't show an inventor of the glass itself, there have been pieces discovered that suggest that the addition of the lead to the glass may have been accidental. However, the patent for mass producing lead crystal glassware shows George Ravenscroft of Venice as discovering the formula that creates the clear sparkling shine inherent in crystal. Once his patent expired, most of the major glass manufacturers converted their processes and began to produce his crystal.

How to wear brooch to make yourself more fashion


Pin mode generally leads to the chest of the garment can be in the center or can be attached to a neck dress style side. It is also covered chest pocket has a random nature, as we have today like. Buying wholesale jewelry It's easy and cheap, you can buy online your favorite pin very cheap price
A small clip to use in different tissues or different styles of clothing to match, the aesthetic effect is different.
In the costumes of the other party a necklace with a pendant brooch, set of clothes can add to the dynamics of active solemn.
If the color of clothes is easier, you can take a few snaps can curlicue. Decorative stronger in the sense of dignity and colored shirt modesty. If Showa is a multicolored skirt or black trousers, and another pin black flower on a jacket can be no doubt snap skirt in black and black beautiful. Because echo each other, with the neck, side skirts and decorative black, formed at the point black, line, surface decorated with the general tone .
Ate forms are not as complex, decorative strong, a simple look can still play a good decoration effect. Such blue-violet dress, get a white collar is graceful. White diamond brooch type box, you can breathe great feeling blue purplea. Pure color, shape and simple, allows the joint is aesthetically very important. Halfway up the neck with casual wear, dresses pin abstract forms, full flavor of youth.
Pants, a girl romantic costume, use a type of pin sheets, is ingenious and clothing lovely. Winter, fabrics tend to be coarse and rough You can choose style metal clasp, encrusted treasure class or a large weight. Summer dress fabrics, mostly fine silks, as if the focus of the snap to use and easy to make clothes for big fall, affecting the appearance. Therefore, a pin of light is resin flower cabochons suitable for light summer clothing is worn.
Spring and fall clothing fabrics are rich in styles and colors splendor, we can use a wide range of clips. If the sweater or other garment is a fabric or flash collar, chest pocket, etc. You should be very careful to avoid the formation of china beads wholesale superfluous feeling when you wear a pin. If the pin simply passed to a jacket, will be able to demonstrate their decorative effect
Young students or young, will be very good to use a type of unique and interesting setting, not the pursuit of high quality materials of gold jewelry and silver. Because girls tend to dress tibetan style beads a young model, student-centered style jewelry mainly wholesale jewelry you will want a bit more mature and a little less pure. The use of high fabric or garment with buttons that caution is made of plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, as this clip does not match the fashion clothing.

Handmade Christmas themed Lampwork beads and pendants


Seeing Zacoo’s new arrival for November which are all Lampworks and Christmas, I quickly dream up project inspiration ideas in my mind. Beads or pendants in solid as well as mixed fancy Christmas colors all have a lovely and fairy style: naivety snowman, playful Santa Clause, juicy candies, warm gloves, greenish wreath and Christmas trees…
Surly, the 20 to 30 millimeter pendants are just the size to use as a focal pendants or beads for any of the art project. Besides, they are easy to make by going through leather cords or silk threads.
To use them as pendants or beads to decorate a Christmas themed bold chain bracelets is also joyful. These little staffs must add adorable sense to your art piece.
Last not the least, a more creative and untraditional way of use them as ornaments for your Christmas trees.
Can you imagine your Christmas trees hanging with handmade glass Lampwork beads instead of factory mass produced PVC or terylene goods? It will definitely draw and won your guests’ applauds and recognition. It wouldn’t an one-sight glance but a long time appreciation.
Moreover, when the Christmas is over, they can recycle and reuse for other decoration or art project. It’s really an environmental-friendly goods that worth you to buy.
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The popular jewelry making supplies-cabochons, resin cabochons



Cabochons are most popular for unique beaded jewelry making, especially resin cabochons. They are given by a wide range of colors, shapes, forms and sizes. You can easily get these cute cabochons, they are sold online and offline. If you are a regular jewelry maker, wholesale cabochons from jewelry making supplies online stores can help you to get a large quantity with different cabochons from different materials and styles.

Summer is around you. Cabochons are used to make cabochon jewelry, which is quite unique from other precious jewelry pieces. The resin flower cabochons are very suitable for this season, why, as the summer is a season which is full of all kind of beautiful flowers. Especially resin cabochons, as the especially material-resin, they are given plenty of shapes and sizes, as the rainbow after the ring. If you like vintage style, the vintage style cameo can make your beading jewelry items more charming and elegant. The summer is for jewelry show, show your beauty jewelry items, what are you waiting for? Why not add these flower cabochons to your beading designs.

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How to use bead caps?


The use of the beads caps for jewelry making are very important and today the editor will introduce you how to use caps in detail.

Bead caps are always used for making necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and usually be used in pairs at two ends of beads to add texture and design to jewelry pieces. They come in a wide range of colors, such as gold, antique gold, antique silver, silver, copper, red copper, bronze, antique bronze, black, platinum and so on. They also can be made of different materials, including iron, copper, alloy, alloy and enamel and etc. Besides, they also can be made in different shapes, but the most commonly used shape is flower.

There is a post in a forum written like that: I have never used wholesale bead caps before. When choosing the bead, do you use the same size bead cap as the bead, i.e, 4mm bead and (2) 4mm bead caps, OR do you downsize/increase the bead size by a half millimeter or so for a good fit?

For this question, It really depends on how wide the “opening” is on them. Many will fit several different sized beads, but some have a more narrow opening and will only fit specific beads.

Generally it’s a 2mm – 3mm difference with the narrower types, so if it’s a 6mm bead cap, it will typically fit a 5mm – 7mm bead.

Wider openings, you can put 2mm, 3mm or 4mm bead caps with 8mm, 10mm or 12mm beads. However, it’s really hard, if not impossible, to go smaller such as 8mm caps with 2mm beads.

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